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With a touch of color, you can create a whole new look to your old bathroom or kitchen. Check out these bathtub refinishing, sink and shower refinishing before and after photos.

The photos below are only a sample of the many we have showing the dramatic difference between before and after our Total Koatings installations. We would be very pleased to add your pictures to our collection of satisfied customers.

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Before and After

[img src=]2920 resurfaced tub in Venice Florida
[img src=]2630porcelain refinished bathtub in Venice Florida
[img src=]2110tile shower resurfaced
[img src=]1940stains gone in shower after refinishing
[img src=]1960restored shower in Siesta Key Florida
[img src=]1920bathtub color change in Sarasota Country club
[img src=]1860Rusted bathtub refinished
[img src=]1780Color change for a North Port Florida bathtub
[img src=]1700Hidden Meadows bathtub new porcelain finish
[img src=]1680Custom wall tile design
[img src=]2010
[img src=]2250
[img src=]2010
[img src=]1880Bahia Vista Sarasota home bathtub resurfacing with new color
[img src=]1870Pink tile changed to white with refinishing
[img src=]1890
[img src=]1790Anna Maria Florida bathtub recoated to white from blue
[img src=]1280Old brown shower walls need refinishing
[img src=]1150Brown shower reglazed white
[img src=]1260Walls and tub look outdated
[img src=]1150Reglazed walls and tub are durable and beautiful
[img src=]540Damaged bathtubs can be repaired
[img src=]510Reglazed bathtub instead of replacing
[img src=]490Stained white bathtub resurfaced
[img src=]450Stained grout and bathtub regalzed to look new