Refinishing Glazes

Bathtub, Shower & Sink Refinishing Glazes

Why replace if you can refinish your bathtub, shower or sink to look and perform like new at a fraction of the cost and with minimum downtime.

Bathtub Refinishing | Before & After | Total Koatings

At Total Koatings Inc., we exclusively use the Kott Koating process, which not only outperforms others and is guaranteed for 5 years. All work is done on-site, with minimal down-time, minimal debris and virtually no inconvenience to you.

Why Kott Koatings? John T. Kott invented the process over 45 years ago and is credited with creating what today is being called “Porcelain Reglazing” with millions of units Kott Koated around the world. Among the benefits to you are:

  • The glaze hardens to a true porcelain coating, meaning it will be scratch resistant.
  • With its 5 year warranty it will typically outlast other “refinishing” products
  • The process uses non-toxic chemicals, meaning there will be no harmful fumes spreading throughout your house, while the surface is being restored.

Restoring a Bathtub – how the work is done.

First, the bathtub is thoroughly cleaned with a special non-toxic chemical removing all soap scum, body oils and other deposits. If the tub had been refinished before, the old coating is also removed. Next, all cracks and chips are repaired and filled in with marine grade bondo. This is followed by other prep work. Lastly, multiple layers of the glaze are applied, which hardens to that enamel-like finish.

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We use the Kott Koating system to restore all styles and types of Bathtubs and Showers, Sinks and Ceramic Tile Walls, Fiberglass Surfaces, Counter Tops and all kinds of Chips and Cracks. All work is done On-Location, without disturbing the walls, floors or plumbing fixtures.

We’ll have that old looking Bathtub, Sink or Shower looking like new again in no time!

Total Koatings Inc. Sarasota, Florida