Bathroom Refinishing Video

See just how the refinishing process works on this video of a bathtub being refinished in Sarasota, Florida. Hear the testimonial from the homeowner as she describes the state of her tub before it was reglazed and how happy she was with the results and ease of the process. Co-owner of Total Koatings, Jodie Smith describes the method used for the repairs and non-toxic glazing. See for yourself how a bathtub that seems beyond repair can be easily restored to a beautiful porcelain finish with no fumes, dust or inconvenience on the homeowner.

We can repair cracks, chips and pitting. Stains and ugly grout become a thing of the past. Choose the color that suits you and we can help create the bathroom of your dreams.

If you are in the Sarasota, Port Charlotte, Bradenton or Lakewood Ranch area consider refinishing your tub, tile, shower or sink instead of a total remodel. You will save time and money. See just how the process works.