Non Toxic Reglazing

Total Koatings Uses Only Safe, Non-Toxic Glazes

sink refinished with non toxic glaze

Our Customers’ Safety is Important to Us

We only use KV-40 Glazes which when tested were found to be “Safe and Non-Toxic for Food Preparation Surfaces”.

In addition to being both Safe and Non-Toxic, our glazes do not contain any carcinogens that can cause cancer as with urethane type paints.

The Kott Koating products and process used by Total Koatings are state of the art. They are not only safe for one’s health, but to the environment as well.

What Sets Us Apart

While there may be other refinishing companies around, what sets Total Koatings apart is our association with Kott Koatings. Kott Koatings pioneered the reglazing process in 1953 and has a world wide reputation that is unmatched. Kott Koatings introduced an advanced process of refinishing which works on “chemical bonding” as opposed to “mechanical bonding”.

non toxic formula

Our State of the Art products comply with the highest U.S. government health and transportation agencies. The products are so advanced, no one has been able to duplicate these products and processes.Now YOU can have access to these products and processes through Total Koatings.

The K40 Glazes are manufactured at our Kott Koatings Manufacturing Plant in the state of Nevada. Distribution of our glazes is done through the International Headquarters located in Foothill Ranch in Southern California. The K40 Glazes are the only glazes in the world that have been tested by the International Surveillance Government agency through their toxicological laboratory called Contox.

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