How to Make Your Bathroom Eco-friendly

zero waste with eco friendly bathroom


There are some things that you can easily follow to make the most used space in your home – the bathroom more eco-friendly. Read on to know more about these changes that you can make to help you save water and resources.

Making positive environmental changes in your home or office has become crucial to contribute to preserving precious natural resources and save the environment. By making small changes to your bathroom, you can contribute to a big cause that has become the need of the hour.

Start off by using natural cleaning products in your bathroom that do not contain harmful, toxic chemicals. These days, there is a wide range of environmentally friendly alternatives available in the market that can clean effectively without being hard on the water supply.

Next, change out your shower head to a low flow model. It will help in cutting down the outflow of the water from your shower by more than half, and that’s plenty of water saved. You can still take long showers but there will be less water flowing out per minute.

Replace your traditional toilet with an ultra-low flush toilet system. The standard toilet uses about 5 gallons of water with each flush. This is nearly three times more than what is actually required. By changing over to a 1.5 gallon per flush model, you can save a good amount of water without compromising on function.

Bathroom fixtures, like cabinets made of natural materials, can also make your bathroom eco-friendly. Some materials contain excessive chemicals and aren’t as eco-friendly. Use tiles for your floors and walls as they can last for years to come without needing frequent replacement.

Using the latest water heaters brings down your electric bill and help to save the environment by using less energy.

Cleaning of the tub, tile, and sink can be made easier when you choose to have the porcelain reglazed, The new finish will require less water and no strong chemicals to keep it shiny and clean. We often overlook how much water we use in routine cleaning.

The reglazing process is in itself ecofriendly when you use a Kotts Koating company like Total Koatings. They use only non-toxic glazes with a 5-year warranty against flaking, peeling and bubbling. Another benefit of reglazing is the old tile, tub, and sink will not end up in a landfill. Consider reglazing over replacing and you will be doing your part in protecting the environment.



Author: Jerry Smith

Jerry Smith is the founder and co-owner at Total Koatings, Inc in Sarasota, Florida. This is a family franchise business owned by Jerry and daughter Jodie Smith with Jerry's sons Steve and Randy both factory trained technicians along with other non-family staff. Serving Sarasota, Manatee, and Charlotte counties since 2006 with thousands of satisfied customers.

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