How to Care for Porcelain Fixtures

gloved hands cleaning a porcelain sink


Few items in a home match the amazing gloss and beauty of porcelain fixtures. However, porcelain’s inherent grace can be marred by the usual culprits i.e. soap scum, stains, scuffs, and scratches. So what you can do to guard your porcelain fixtures (sinks, bathtubs, tile, and toilets) against the ravages of time and chemistry?

Prevention is the key when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your porcelain fixtures. Even though it may sound inconvenient or hard to follow, try wiping down your sink or tub after each use. Water contains calcium and other minerals that not only produces the limescale on your shower doors but also trap dirt and soap scum in your tub. When left uncleaned, it becomes drier and harder to remove.

Regular cleanings with dish soap and water can result in a deeper cleaning that will help to preserve the finish of your porcelain fixtures. You might also consider cleaning porcelain with lemon oil, which not only restores a glimmering sheen to your fixture but also creates a protective barrier that keeps stains from setting in.

Gel Gloss is another effective cleaning product that will provide a protective finish as well as help get rid of stains. Vinegar and lemon juice are popular natural cleaners due to their acidity, which is mild enough that it shouldn’t harm your porcelain fixtures, but still acidic enough to warrant caution.

To reduce the risk of staining, you should not leave things like coffee grounds, tea bags, or other similar items in the sink overnight, as this can discolor your sink. Also, avoid spilling nail polish, clothing dyes, hair dyes, or similar substances on your ceramic sink.

Although these easy to practice tips should help to protect your porcelain fixtures from getting stained, dulled, or scratched over a period of time they can still those their beauty. Bathroom reglazing is the best cost-effective alternative to make your old, dull fixtures look new at fraction of the cost of replacement.




Author: Jerry Smith

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