Bathtub Refinishing: A Better Option to Go With

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Bathtub refinishing is a great green remodeling alternative. This option has, in fact, benefited many homeowners, hotels, and motels by saving hundreds of thousands of dollars over replacement. You may have to pay as little as $300 for a new bathtub, however, that’s not all you may have to pay. There’s a lot more to add. For example, the cost of tearing down your old bathtub, and removing it, and getting all the fixtures done could actually burn a hole in your pocket.

Believe me, your simple bathroom remodeling job may turn into a really expensive job, and you may not be able to do anything to cut costs. After all, the cost is likely to go up and up with added bathtub parts, tile work, flooring, and carpentry. So, why replace your bathtub when you can actually repair it? You can expect to get your bathtub refinishing job done quickly while saving a lot of money. All you need to do is to call a highly experienced bathtub refinishing contractor like Total Koatings.

  • Bathtub refinishing benefits in a nutshell:
  • Saves around 80% of the total cost as compared to the bathtub replacement
  • Saves a lot of time by getting the refinishing job done in just a few hours
  • Saves the landfills and benefits the global environment

If you’ve made your mind to drop the idea of bathtub replacement and switch to bathtub repairing option, then you’ve made a smart decision. However, you’re not done yet. You need to call the best professionals, who can help you get your dream bathroom. To hire the right professionals, make sure to take into account some necessary factors, such as experience, certification, warranty, etc. At Total Koatings, we have the experience and training necessary to get the job done right. Our resurfacing product is non-toxic and virtually odorless. You will have full use of your tub in just 24 hours. Give us a call, estimates are free.

Author: Jerry Smith

Jerry Smith is the founder and co-owner at Total Koatings, Inc in Sarasota, Florida. This is a family franchise business owned by Jerry and daughter Jodie Smith with Jerry's sons Steve and Randy both factory trained technicians along with other non-family staff. Serving Sarasota and Manatee counties since 2006 with thousands of satisfied customers.

8 thoughts on “Bathtub Refinishing: A Better Option to Go With”

  1. That is really nice that if you refinish your bathtub, that you can save around 80 percent of the total cost it takes to replace it. My husband and I have an older tub, and we have been wondering if we should just replace it. We never thought about refinishing it. It does sound like a good option.

    1. Thanks for your response Deb. Much appreciated. We’d love to help you restore your tub to brand new. We have been refinishing tubs in this area since 2006. We apply a real porcelain finish which literally restores the tub back to the original factory finish in your choice of color. We can also fix chips, rust, holes etc so you never knew they existed. Give us a call for more details 941-870-0369. Thanks again and
      Cheers… Jerry Smith, Owner

  2. I agree that bathtub refinishing is a good remodeling alternative. My mom wants to remodel our bathroom but doesn’t have enough finances for it. My dad suggested having contractors refinish the bathtub and shared this article with her.

    1. Hope your Mom is happy with the end product. Be sure to research the product being used as they are not all created equal.

  3. I like that you mentioned that refinishing a bathtub saves about 80% of the total cost as compared to replacing the tub. My wife and I are thinking about remodeling our bathroom, but we don’t want to spend money unnecessarily., Thanks for the information–I think refinishing the tub would be a great option for us.

  4. I really like the idea of bathtub refinishing. It’s pretty great that it only costs 20% of actually replacing the tub. Our master bathtub really needs a makeover, but I think refinishing it would be good enough.

  5. Wow, I certainly didn’t know that bathtub refinishing would save 80% of the total cost of replacement. My wife is seriously getting a new bathtub because it really looks worn out from all the years of service. But I’ll be sure to share this article with her so we can consider having a professional bathtub refinishing company to salvage our old one. Thanks for this really informative article about the benefits of bathtub refinishing!

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