An Easy Way to a New Beautiful Bathtub

Refinished tub filled with water


A messy, worn-out looking bathtub is the last thing you would want to see in your otherwise neat and clean bathroom. Everyone prefers to have a bath in an elegant, glossy bathtub instead of one with rust stains or blemishes. The good news for homeowners is that now you don’t have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to replace your yucky bathtub. There is a budget-friendly solution – bathtub refinishing or reglazing.

Bathtub reglazing will only cost you a fraction of the cost of a new bathtub and it will not only enhance the appearance of your bathtub but also the overall look of your bathroom. Your bathtub is the main attraction of your bathroom and if it looks stained, cracked, or chipped then you should do something about it.

Bathtub reglazing is the best solution you have to dramatically change the way your old bathtub, shower, sink or countertop looks and feels. With bathtub reglazing, chips, rusting, cracks, and holes can be repaired in just a few hour’s time, unlike bathroom renovation, which can take weeks to complete.

You can get your tub done in any shade that you like making it easy to update the look on a limited budget. Not all bathtub refinishing is equal because there are low-quality products available. These may be cheaper, but their results may not be what you hoped and they won’t last long as long sometimes leaving you with a worse look than when you started.

When choosing a local bathroom reglazing contractor, make sure you only choose one who deals in exclusive KV40 coating resins that are ISO9000 Certified. These non-toxic coating resins also come with a 5-year warranty against peeling and cracking.

Contractors usually charge $1,600 to $2600 to install a new bathtub. Add to that amount the cost of floor and wall tiling and your budget can blow up big time. Bathtub reglazing is a short process and it won’t damage your fixtures and decor or create a long downtime.

A professional will deliver wonderful results in the form of a smooth and perfect finish. Refinishing a bathtub requires skill and practice so it is not a suggested DIY project. Instead, rely on a professional like Total Koatings to get the job done right the first time.





Author: Jerry Smith

Jerry Smith is the founder and co-owner at Total Koatings, Inc in Sarasota, Florida. This is a family franchise business owned by Jerry and daughter Jodie Smith with Jerry's sons Steve and Randy both factory trained technicians along with other non-family staff. Serving Sarasota, Manatee, and Charlotte counties since 2006 with thousands of satisfied customers.

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